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Sober Living & Transitional Housing

James Club Recovery, is a FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences) & MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) certified Spiritually-based Recovery Residence. We believe that a relationship with God, coupled with 12 Steps, will result in sustained sobriety and a purposeful life. We offer a structured, four-phase program with a goal to achieve permanent sobriety and a purposeful life. We offer a long term sober house with no time constraints. our average guest resides with us between 9-12 months. We offer a beautiful graduate house afterwards. All of our 12 step meetings and program activities are held off premises. We provide transportation to church services, fellowship meetings and we participate in many volunteer events.

James Club Recovery believes that success in recovery can be reached through the fundamental concepts of a 12 step program in one hand and the Bible in the other. We are a religious association, but not religious. We recognize one God, but believe there are many paths which lead to Him. We are a diverse community open to all faiths.

Residents of James Club Recovery are involved in many altruistic acts, some of which include; feeding the homeless, volunteering at grocery giveaways and doing local acts of service for our community. By working closely in the court system, we offer assistance to our residents with legal issues by advocating on their behalf. We have excellent relationships in the community and work with many quality, likeminded organizations & individuals including judges, law enforcement personnel and probation & pre-trial officers.

Residents of our program are embraced in a true fellowship with accountability, but are encouraged to support and motivate each other. We invite our residents to take part in activities together that promote friendship, fun and neighborly love.

We look to produce independent, self sufficient, law-abiding individuals. Our goal is to provide a solution for the opioid epidemic, reduce overdose deaths, help lower homelessness and the recidivism rates. We will accept individuals, with current ID, in our program without money upfront and offer a grace period, if needed. We desire to see success stories that results in many blessings, including having precious relationships restored and individuals regaining their self-esteem. At James Club Recovery, we are very respectful to our neighbors and our houses are clean and well manicured. Our concept in each “Club” emulates the successful “Oxford House” model with a group of individuals who all have a say in the house. Each Club has a “Senior Man/Woman” with 24/7 supervision. We offer standard accommodations at $180 per week and premium 2 person rooms at $200 per week. There is a one time start-up cost of $200, that includes quite a bit. Graduation ceremonies are held at Fort Lauderdale City Hall and family members are encouraged to attend. As an alumni of James Club Recovery, you will always be invited to stay connected with us.


James Club Recovery is committed to help provide a solution for the opioid epidemic, reduce overdose deaths, lower homelessness and the recidivism rate by providing a long term structured recovery residence.


Our vision is to continue to be a leading Sober Living facility in Ft Lauderdale with aspirations to offer our housing services throughout South Florida. Our commitment is to continue to be a compliant and ethical organization that always put our clients’ interest first.

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