Your Guide to The James Club 7S’s to Success

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Your Guide to The James Club 7S’s to Success

If you’re reading this blog, you may already be aware that James Club is a long-term sober living and FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences) and MAT (medication-assisted treatment) certified spiritually-based recovery residence.

The James Club offers sober living residences to those who wish to adopt a healthier life of sobriety. You might have questions such as, “what is a spiritually based recovery residence?”, or “what will the living experience be like at The James Club?”

Diving into the 7S’s for Success can help explain any questions you may have as well as illuminate what participating in our programs will offer for you.

1 – Sponsor

A sponsor is your program and recovery mentor. This person is there to guide you through the 12 steps, but more than that, they are there to be a positive example to you in your journey of sobriety. A sponsor is someone who has been in the clutches of addiction before, and through their own strength—as well as their support system, they have achieved sobriety for a year or longer. It is also important to note that a sponsor is not a therapist, rather they are more like a friend or older sibling who is looking out for you in terms of sobriety.

Having a sponsor/sponsee system has two main benefits. Sponsors are often incredibly grateful for sobriety and wish to give back to the system that helped them get clean. They do this by sponsoring someone who requires their assistance. That not only keeps them accountable for maintaining their own sobriety, but they are helping someone else get sober as well.

The sponsee benefits by having the support of the sponsor. Having a positive role model for sobriety is important, it helps to be around someone who has succeeded at what you’re trying to accomplish.

2 – Support Group

Support groups are invaluable for those seeking recovery. With James Club Recovery, your support group will consist of 10 individuals with quality sobriety time who can offer you counsel and give their support. The main benefit of support groups is solidarity—knowing you’re not alone. With The James Club, you’re never alone!

3 – Spiritual Director

The Spiritual Director is your spiritual mentor. They will help you develop perspective of your life beyond yourself. We are a spiritually based long-term recovery residence, this is also in alignment with the importance of faith in the 12 steps. Regardless of what your beliefs are, faith is an important component of our program. We strongly believe that being open to faith in a higher power can allow those who suffer from addiction to make powerful changes both internally and how they conduct themselves.

4 – Shelter/Home Group

Battling addiction is like being in the trenches. If this is the case, those who are in your home group are like your trench mates—you’re all in this together. You will be committed to your homegroup in attendance, recovery, and service. We have both personally experienced and witnessed incredible relationships and camaraderie that began in home groups. We are truly proud of the community that we have and every day they are a reminder as to why we do what we do.

5 – Schedule

All religions and faiths have some kind of structured prayer or routines that are required for following them. This is no coincidence. The power of having a structure and a schedule in your life is critical for your success on the road to recovery no matter what faith you call your own. You will have weekly meetings as well as participate in a kind of worship you feel comfortable with.

6 – Service

Service is your commitment to giving back. Gratitude and generosity are at the heart of wellness preached by religions and faiths the world over. Ask anyone who has ever volunteered their time to those who are in need, it can open your heart and lift your spirit in a way that nothing else can.

That is why community service is a big part of the ethos of The James Club. In our long-term sober living program, you will be performing services for the community with your fellow residents. Not only will these activities benefit the community—which is always good, but service provides great opportunities to get out and make memories with your home group and other mentors.

7 – Step Work and Spirituality

As we alluded to earlier, The 7S’s finds much in common with the 12 steps in that surrendering to faith and being open to a higher power can produce dramatic results.

Step Work can provide the necessary treatment protocols to help you on your journey to sobriety, and cultivating a spiritual perspective can help you discover your inner strength as well as find an unbridled optimism that everything will be okay. These things in combination can and DO help many people weather temptations and avoid relapses.

Spiritual and Long-Term Sober Living Homes in Florida

The James Club offers a unique experience for those who are seeking a long-term sober living residence to embrace and acclimate to a new, sober lifestyle. We provide a spiritually open and tolerant recovery program that is a combination of our 7S’s to Success and the well known, well regarded 12-Steps Program that has helped countless people adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Call us today at (954)-445-0430 to get the help you or a loved one deserves!

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